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Renee Owen, DVM, Dipl., ABVP Canine and Feline


I have wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as I can remember. Even before I can remember, my Mom tells me that I wandered towards any dog I saw at the park. I was always sneaking lizards, baby birds, and the occasional stray kitten home, and trying to "save" them. This goes much better since veterinary school.

Having also studied James Herriot's novels (must reads if you haven't yet), I knew practicing veterinary medicine would provide me with daily variety, challenge me to continually learn, and allow me to meet interesting people and animal personalities. I love hearing stories about my patient's adventures/misadventures. I find it most rewarding helping them live long happy lives so that they have more stories to tell!

Renee has been with Newport Harbor Animal Hospital since 1997.

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Mary Sebzda, DVM, DACT

Veterinarian, Reproduction Specialist

How I became a veterinarian:

I think it had something to do with my dad saying "that girl's going to be a vet", every time he saw me light up in the presence of a dog, cat, calf, lamb, piglet, tank of fish, etc.

Seriously though, it was probably a combination of influences from both my parents. My father had come from a large farm in western Canada. My mom was a pharmacist in Eastern Canada. The combination of both worlds led to a harmonious blend of science and nature.

By the time, I had made it to college, I had loved two dogs and met others who shared my love of animals and medicine. One of my college professors, told me that there would be a moment that I would be listening to a lecture and it would change the way I would think. The very next day, I started developmental biology and my world changed forever. I not only knew I would become a veterinarian, but I would dedicate my career to the understanding of how we all get from a single cell to the complex beings that we are today.

I love every day of my job. It satisfies the inquisitive scientist in me, but it also nurtures the animal lover. Who could have a better job than myself after planning a breeding, getting to see life begin on a pregnancy exam, deliver a litter of puppies and watch them grow up to fill their new owners lives with so much joy.

Mary has been with Newport Harbor Animal Hospital since 2000.


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Cindy Wade, DVM


I grew up in coastal Northern California and the west coast of Canada. I was the typical teen age girl-horse crazy. I was fortunate to have a mentor who trained horses for the Queen and was stable manager for both the British and Canadian 3 day Olympics teams. She taught me about the responsibility of taking care of the animals that have been entrusted to us. It came as no surprise, I decided I wanted to become a veterinarian.

I attended the University of the Pacific and UC Davis for undergraduate and then UC Davis for my DVM degree, graduating in 1983. My class was the last to have more men than women!

Since graduation I have worked in Orange County, except when we moved to Connecticut so my children could experience real seasons, unlike in Southern California. While there, I worked at an all cat clinic called Catzablanca.

I really enjoy working at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital. One of the best things is working with other doctors who are knowledgeable , dedicated, supportive and just plain fun. We all share an office and discuss our challenging cases. I tell clients that they get 6 second opinions. I believe this greatly contributes to giving the highest quality of care for our patients.

In my "spare time" I live with my husband and youngest daughter. My 3 older children are all in college or graduate school. Alas, I no longer have a horse, but have a Doberman named Lily and 4 cats- Quincy, Dusty Bunny, Alton and Giada. The last 2 are from a foster litter we bottle fed from 3 days old. My husband tells me I am at my limit for cats or I'd probably have more.

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Kevin Ashbran, DVM

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Ashbran grew up in Glendora, CA. He has an undergraduate degree, a B.S. in general biology from UCSD and as a charter class member received his Veterinary degree from Western University of Health Sciences.

Kevin was excited to join Newport Harbor Animal Hospital in 2007. He continues to learn from the wonderful and experienced staff and is pursuing his interest in cardiology.

He worked closely with the previous owners to learn the business and in 2016 bought the practice, with Dr. Wind, with the desire to carry on the wonderful veterinary care NHAH has provided to the community since 1947.

In his free time, Dr. Ashbran enjoys the outdoors, camping and fishing with his wife, also a Veterinarian, his new daughter, and three dogs. He also enjoys photography and watches and plays all sports.

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Sarah Wind, DVM

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Wind is a California native who attended Calvin College graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. She attended veterinary college at Michigan State University where she graduated with honors. Following graduation she completed a rotating internship at Louisiana State University.

She is happy to be back in Southern California and lives with her husband and cat Oden who will perform tricks for food.

Sarah has been at NHAH since 2011. She worked closely with the previous owners to learn the business and in 2016 bought the practice, with Dr. Ashbran, with the desire to carry on the wonderful veterinary care NHAH has provided to the community since 1947.

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Chris Bates, DVM


Dr. Chris Bates has been with NHAH for quite some time! Chris started at NHAH in 2010 as a kennel assistant, then quickly stepped up into a veterinary assistant role. Chris was unsure what he wanted to pursue as a career, then after getting his feet wet in the veterinary field, he made up his mind and enrolled in Western University to start on the path to becoming a veterinarian. We are thrilled to have Chris join us as a Veterinarian.

In his spare time Chris enjoys brewing his own beer spending time with his dog Loki.

Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Nicole Guastamacchio, DVM


Dr. Nicole Guastamacchio received her B.S. in Mathematics and Applied Science with specialization in Accounting and Management. From there Dr. Nicole attended and recieved her DVM from the University of Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Nicole was drawn to NHAH after seeing the level of commitment to patient care by all our staff. She also enjoys the awesome support team and mentorship she receives from the other amazing doctors.

Dr. Nicole is a lover of all animals, but has two cats at home. Gia, a 3 year old DSH that loves daily supervised outside time on her leash and harness and Leo, also a DSH, she adopted on her last day of Veterinary school and is now 3 months old.

Dr. Nicole loves being outdoors, spending time hiking, riding bicycles, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. Beyond that, she enjoys weight lifting and trying new vegan baking recipes. Dr. Nicole is also recently engaged and hopes to travel with her fiance in the future.