Elective C-Section

Dr. Sebzda and Dr. Nicole and Abby doing a C-section on a French Bulldog

Elective C-section should be considered for multiple reasons. Some of those reasons include:

  • Any dog breed that is unlikely to deliver its litter naturally (Examples of these breeds that would be considered include French and English Bulldogs.)
  • Situations where normal delivery is highly unlikely such as litters with only 1-2 fetuses
  • The mother is sick or weak closer to term
  • Previously fractured pelvis or other anatomical abnormality
  • A previous litter where the mother had difficulty with labor and delivery.

When we consider a pet for elective C-section, we time and monitor the pregnancy closely in order to time the delivery within a 2-day window prior to the due date. Accurate ovulation timing is very important so we know when the start of pregnancy occurs.

At Newport Harbor Animal Hospital, we have a loving, energetic, and supportive puppy care team that has been trained in neonatal resuscitation (care directly after c-section) and we experience excellent outcomes in elective C-sections. This procedure can be scheduled almost any day of the week, Dr. Sebzda's availability permitting.

If you would like more information on Elective C-Sections please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mary Sebzda or call 949-612-2756.