Dr. Mary Sebzda Theriogenology Veterinarian Holding PuppyWhat is Transcervical Insemination?

Transcervical insemination, or TCI, is a method of artificial insemination which can be a successful alternative to natural breeding and can be done while the pet is awake.

How does Transcervical Insemination work for my pet? 

The first step is to make an appointment with Dr. Sebzda to get a treatment plan together with step-by-step instructions of what needs to be done to get an accurate time to breed your pet.

After precise planning and testing is completed with Dr. Sebzda, she will have you and your pet come in for the insemination procedure during which she uses an endoscope that helps guide her to the patient’s cervix.

After reaching the cervix, she inserts a catheter via the endoscope into the cervix to deposit the semen. Dr. Sebzda will determine if a follow up appointment for the next day may be recommended for a second TCI.

How do I know if the Transcervical Insemination worked? 

After these appointments are completed, Dr. Sebzda will go over the plan for your pet to return for a pregnancy ultrasound to confirm pregnancy if TCI was successful.

Please call Newport Harbor Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mary Sebzda (949) 612-2756.