Artificial Insemination

Dr. Sebzda with 7 French Bulldog puppies in McDonald's french fry holders

The process of artificial insemination (AI) has many advantages that include:

  • Allowing a breed to use genetics that come from across the country and so allows us to use great studs, without them having to travel to the female
  • Help to control some types of bacterial infections
  • Allows for complete evaluation of the make for breeding soundness
  • Allows for screening for Brucella canis (a sexually transmitted disease)
  • Can prevent injury to either dog from breeding
  • Permits breeding of dogs where natural breeding is unlikely (French and English Bulldogs)

In preparation for AI, ovulation timing is used which can then help determine delivery date and through monitoring after AI with ultrasound, we can closely monitor the pregnancy. 

While this may be a good option for many, please check with your breed registry as some will not permit AI and require natural mating only. Additionally, some males are not able to be collected for a variety of reasons. 

If you would like more information on Artificial Insemination please call Newport Harbor Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mary Sebzda or call 949-612-2756