Pathology is an important area of medicine that can give us some important information for Dr. Sebzda to guide our choices for your pet's heath (no matter its reproductive status) or for potential future breeding.

Reproductive pathology services involves submission of tissue for analysis by a specialist at the laboratory to determine what caused the problem with the tissue such as a mammary mass or a sample of uterine tissue from a pet that is having difficulty with pregnancy or conception. 

Dr. Sebzda utilizes a specialist in the area of reproductive pathology at the Ohio State Reproductive Pathology Labratory to ensure that we get the best and most up to date information for your pet.   

If you would like more information on our Reproductive Pathology Services, please call Newport Harbor Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mary Sebzda.

Phone: 949-612-2756

Golden Retriever puppies with colored collars by mom