Costa Mesa California VeterinariansA Reason to Freeze Dog Semen

Occasionally clients come in with objectives like wanting to preserve their dog's genetics over time, in case they find a female of superior quality in the future, wanting to ship semen internationally, wanting to have semen available in storage for use at a moment's notice when they otherwise may be showing, training or traveling with the stud dog, etc.

There are some basic advantages to freezing dog semen:

  • Permits transport of genetics across international boarders
  • Wider access to genetics
  • Permits the use of a really great stud that has passed away
  • Permits neutering a dog if required for behavioral or medical reasons but holds onto genetics for the future
  • Can control some types of infection
  • Involves complete evaluation of male for breeding soundness

*routine screening of the dog for Brucella canis is required*

Costa Mesa California VeterinariansWhile there are many advantages to freezing canine semen, consider that for insemination, ovulation timing and transcervical insemination (TCI) or surgical insemination of the female will be needed for future litters. Some breed registries will also not permit artificially inseminated litters and require only natural matings. Occasionally, we encounter a male that can't be collected because they are too young, too shy or too aggressive.

Freezing canine semen does require planning but the process is fairly simple and here at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital we aim to not only provide you with this service, but at the highest standards to assure success for both the female and male dog's owners. 

Our long term storage facility is Zoetis and we serve as a freezing center for them. We can typically receive a sample overnight for TCI/surgical insemination and can collect up to 4 days in a row prior to sending the shipment to storage. 

Any questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sebzda or call our hospital at (949) 612-2756