Why is sperm analysis important in the breeding process? 

Semen analysis is crucial to predicting if a sample or stud is a good breeding candidate. At Newport Harbor Animal Hospital we utilize the latest technology with the iSperm to help with this analysis.

We can look at 3 important things:

  1. the way the sperm cells look (morphology)
  2. the total number of sperm in an ejaculate (sperm count)
  3. the sperm's motility, particularly progressive motility which shows how many sperm in sample are moving in a forward direction

What is the benefit to using iSperm for sperm analysis? 

Computer assisted analysis offers a lot of advantage over traditional methods of counting and measurement of motility.  
The computer assisted analysis allows for the sample to be both continuously kept at the proper temperature (what would be expected in utero) and can accurately measure movement of the cells in all directions in a fraction of a second.  They can even distinguish between normal and abnormal motility and calculate speed of the cells.
All of this leads to better estimation of sperm quality and can help in making decisions like whether a single sample can be split and used over multiple days or in multiple bitches. The collection of data over time can help us detect problems with sperm production and storage in the dog’s reproductive tract earlier.
The technology can be invaluable in determining how many straws need to be thawed for a single TCI (trans-cervical insemination) using frozen semen or how many straws we can save/store when processing the sample.

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