Kennel Attendant

Cassandra brings the compassion and empathy that we love in our employees. She has always dreamed of working with animals, and it shows when we see her with our patients.


Kennel Attendant

Edward has been with us since 2012. He loves caring for the animals and they all love him just as much. Edward likes being able to help the veterinary assistants so he can continue to learn new skills. When Edward is not at work, he enjoys music production and sound design.


Kennel Attendant

Fernando has been with us since 2009 as a kennel attendant. Fernando is one of our assistants who also does overnights with our boarders and hospitalized patients.


Kennel Attendant

Isai is a wonderful addition to our team, with very valuable knowledge. He has his A.S. in DMs, and working on graduating as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2024.


Kennel Attendant

Jezzie is a true animal lover through and through, and the perfect fit for our hospital. Her dream in life was to work with animals, and has taken courses in animal care, and going to continue an education within the veterinary field.


Kennel Attendant/Technician Assistant

Malia is a valued part of our team, with a great love for working with all animals. She is a very positive person that brings a wonderful sense of team work to our family. Malia has her B.S.


Kennel Attendant

Wendy is a wonderful addition to our team, and possesses everything we look for in an employee that is caring for our patients and boarders. She is very passionate about learning all she can to further her career in a veterinary hospital setting.