When is My Cat Due?

Cat Due DateUnlike the dog, length of feline pregnancy is pretty reliable in counting from a breeding date. Cats are seasonal in their mating behaviors- meaning that they are generally more fertile, and more likely to breed through April to September in the Northern Hemisphere.

Cats are also induced ovulators, meaning that a mating needs to occur before the female will ovulate. The actual act of mating stimulates a neuroendocrine reflex causing luteinizing hormone (LH) to spike and if a fertile breeding occurs, length of pregnancy is 65 days from that date If the queen is mated over 2-3 days, the last date of successful mating resulting in the queens’ after reaction (screaming at or striking out at the male, rolling over the floor) post mating is what the 65 days are counted forward from.

If you have more questions about your cat’s due date please schedule a consult with our board certified theriogenologist, an expert in animal reproduction today.