Dr. Wade has been a veterinarian at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital for a while! She was at NHAH from ’85-’86 and then from 2000 until now. She has 3 grown children and a 4th still in high school.

Last winter she decided she wasn’t busy enough (tongue in cheek) and decided to seek a new adventure! She wanted to do something that would help others in the process. Thinking this through, she decided that being a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) would be able to fit in with her busy work and home life. With coordination from NHAH – she would be able to take a puppy to work so she could spend the needed time training and socializing a GDB puppy.

So…Dr. Wade started to research GDB and called the local Orange County Chapter Group Leader, Jeanne Valenti. From the very first phone call, she knew Jeanne was very reasonable, knowledgeable and approachable person with whom she would enjoy working.

Dr. Wade began attending monthly chapter meetings and going on outings long before getting a puppy. Her first was to the fire station to get the dogs accustom to the loud noise of the sirens, bulky uniforms and helmets worn by the first responders. None of the dogs were the least bit intimidated by the noise or appearance of the fully dressed fire fighters. Impressive!

yellow lab training to

She then had to puppy sit Whisk, a 6 month old female, yellow Labrador for the weekend. She went everywhere with Dr. Wade – Costco, the grocery store, etc. and was a model citizen. After that, Dr. Wade was put on a waiting list for a puppy.

Dr. Wade standing at Costco check out with Tam (black Labrador)

On July 15, 2018, she arrived! ‘The Puppy Truck’ (a 5th wheel that came down from GDB home base in San Rafael, California) rolled in. There were 8 excited, slightly nervous puppy raiser families who received dogs that day. There were also several 16 to 18 month old dogs going back to be evaluated from future Guide Dogs and begin their final training.

Guide Dog for the Blind Puppy Truck in parking lot

“We were elated to finally receive Tam,” said Dr. Wade, “a female, 10 week old black Labrador puppy who has already stolen our hearts!” Dr. Wade’s life has not be the same from this point as her busy life gets more hectic, sometimes frustrating, but rewarding last 2 months. The entire Wade family adores Tam and looks forward to doing their best to ensure her success as a Guide Dog. (Dr. Wade apologizes for this first installment of Tam Tales being a little behind as her life is a bit busy!) We will continue to keep you updated on Tam’s new adventures!

Dr. Wade and family holding black Labrador puppy and other family with yellow Labrador puppy in front of Puppy Truck