Is your Dog at RISK for Dog Flu?

Did you Know?

Dog flu has been reported in 46 states in the US? Dog flu has hit California - and not just one strain - both strains. Click here to see a map of how the dog flu has spread over the years:

What is Dog flu?

Dog flu is a virus that, to date, has 2 different strains: H3N8 and H3N2. The H3N2 strain is the 'newer' strain that you may have heard caused a serious outbreak in Chicago in 2015 and spread from there. These two viruses are easily spread from one dog to another because they are respiratory viruses.

Is my dog at risk?

In order to determine if your pet is at risk take this quiz If your pet interacts with other dogs or goes to locations where other dogs have been, their risk will be higher. If your pet is at risk, vaccinate. The vaccine will help to prevent or lessen the severity of the symptoms - just like when we as humans get the flu shot.


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