The summer heat has started to come out and we want to share a few things to help keep your pets cool, happy, and healthy this summer.

Here are 4 common dangers for your pets that can be right outside:

1. Heatstroke and Dehydration

Dog on Hike Heatstroke DehydrationMake sure your pets always have access to fresh, clean water. Whether its in your home, in the car or out and about for the day.

Short-nosed or faced dogs like English bulldogs, French bulldogs, Bull mastiffs, Boston terriers, Boxers, Pugs etc. can be at more risk for heatstroke and dehydration due to their breathing and airways. Overweight, dark fur, or heavy coated pets are also at a higher risk.

Monitor your pets for excessive lethargy, decreased urination, dry gums, refusal to eat, sunken eyes, and if they collapse or seem off balance. Panting can be normal as this is a common way dogs may cool themselves, if your cat starts panting, please seek veterinary care immediately, for cats panting is not normal.

Try other ways to keep your pets cool like fans, frozen treats, kiddie pool and sprinklers! NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN THE CAR WHEN YOU ARE NOT PRESENT! Even if the windows are down, a car’s temperature can rise to a high temperature causing dehydration, heatstroke and in serious cases be fatal.

2. Sidewalks, Asphalt and Concrete

Heat Index

When you want to take your pet for a walk, always check the floor to make sure your four-legged friend won’t burn their little paws. How can you test this? Easy! You place the back of your hand onto the pavement for 5 seconds, if you can’t handle the heat for 5 seconds, it is too hot for your fur baby to walk on it. The floor outside will always be hotter than the air outside, especially if there is no shade, and if the floor is painted or a darker color. The darker the color the more it can attract the sun.

3. Pools, Water and Parasite Prevention

Dog swimming in waterWe get wanting to keep cool by the pool, the beach or even hiking up to your favorite waterfall. Make sure you keep your pets safe by having them on a flea/tick/internal parasite prevention. Always rinse off your pets after a day in the water. Chlorine, salt and bacteria in pools, lakes, beaches and standing still water can be harmful, as they can harbor and cater to carrier insects and bugs disease. Mosquitos can carry heartworm (heartworm has been confirmed in the mosquito population in Orange County!) standing still water likes Giardia (an internal parasite), and hiking or camping you may find ticks to name a few dangers. So, it’s always a good idea to protect your pets on the inside as well by having them on a year-round flea/tick, heartworm, and internal parasite prevention.

4. Cookouts and Barbecues

Dog at BarbecueThe time for good fun and good food like, ribs, corn on the cob, bone-in skin-on chicken, kabobs, pigs in a blanket with the good ol’ American flag toothpicks. While they may be tasty for us, it can be harmful for our pets. Bones and corn cobs can be dangerous when swallowed or may cause blockage, skin from chicken is high in fat and can cause pancreatitis (inflammation in the pancreas that can have very serious consequences), and lastly, skewer sticks and toothpicks are very dangerous for your pets if ingested (this is an emergency if ingested!). We all like to let our pets indulge a bit in the food, just make sure your pet doesn’t have any dietary restrictions and it is in very minor quantities. Also be aware of sauces and seasonings as things like garlic or onions can pose a toxic danger to your pets.

Always stay alert and aware of you and your pets surroundings to have a happy, safe and healthy summer.

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