ABC 7 has recently reported that Orange County Vector Control has issued alerts for Santa Ana and Tustin, two of our neighboring cities, about flea-borne Typhus: Flea-borne typhus warnings issued in Orange County.

Cat scratching with fleasWhat is typhus?

Typhus is a bacterial infection that can infect people through inhalation, ingestion or when an open skin wound comes in contact with flea feces (“flea dirt”). Dogs and cats typically don’t show any signs of infection, but humans may develop fever, muscle aches, nausea, cough, altered mental status, and a truncal rash. Although treatable with an antibiotic and usually self-limiting, human fatalities have been reported.

What’s the best plan to keep your whole family safe?

You can keep your human and pet family members safe by ensuring your dog and cat are on year-round flea prevention. Check out our blog on How to get fleas to flee! 

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