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Chin Acne in Cats

Have you noticed that your kitty's chin is always dirty or swollen?

In some cases it may even bleed when touched.

Feline acne can be mild in some cases and very severe in others.

What is chin acne in cats?

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Brushing Your Cat's Teeth

Dental disease is very common in cats. 80% of cats will show periodontal disease by the age of 3.

What is the best way to prevent this? It will come as no surprise that brushing your kitty's teeth is the best prevention.

When should I brush my cat's teeth?

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My Cat Has Bladder Stones, What Next?

We all know that cats try to hide illness from their owners. If a cat has bladder stones what should we expect to see? Indoor cats will likely spend more time in the litter pan. They may go frequently with small amounts. They may also urinate outside the litter box. If the urine is outside the box, a pink tinge or blood may be visible. You may notice your cat straining. Although these symptoms are not specific to bladder stones in cats, they should not be ignored.

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Cami and her baby Sphinx

Cami is sweet, hairless, and an exemplary representative example of her breed (Sphinx). She truly deserves the title "queen". Unfortunately, like so many beautiful, wonderful creatures, she is challenged in the reproductive department. She has produced many beautiful kittens before, but now in her mature years, she's had to deal with pyometra twice and her fertility is declining.

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Hospice Care and Euthanasia: When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

While most pet owners agree it is better to have loved and lost a furry friend than never to have loved at all, coping with the impending death of a beloved pet is never easy. Fortunately, this process does not have to be navigated alone.

Working together with your veterinarian, you can make the most of your pet’s final days and guide him/her through the end of life peacefully.

Quality of life

One of the most important things to consider during the gradual decline of a pet’s health is his/her quality of life.

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Four Fixes for Feline Behavior Issues

Would you know if your cat was stressed?

Due to their seemingly lazy demeanor, the idea of a stressed cat may seem unlikely or even absurd to many pet owners. But if your cat is demonstrating behaviors such as inappropriate elimination, aggression or excessive grooming, stress is likely to be a contributing factor.

In addition, stress can lead to a number of chronic medical conditions, such as Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

Where does stress come from?

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