Please fill out this form before you come in to drop off your pet for boarding at NHAH to make your check-in faster. If you are unsure about anything just leave it blank or feel free to give us call. See you soon! 

We require your pet’s vaccination against contagious diseases be current. Vaccination requirements are aimed at insuring the health and safety of all our patients. If they are not current you must provide proof of vaccinations or we can update them for you if your pet’s exam is current. 

We also require that your pet have a fecal every 6 months to ensure they are parasite free!

If you prefer to download the form and bring it in with you, you can do so here: Boarding Form


NOTICE: Effective October 20, 2022 if you are looking to schedule a grooming appointment to have your pet bathed while boarding with Newport Harbor Animal Hospital, please contact Penelope's Parlor directly at (949) 722-8254. 


**IMPORTANT** For the health and safety of our employees and other pets, no raw diets are allowed.

Note: We do not administer "as needed" medications. 

If your pet needs an exam with the doctor please fill out a drop off form


We require all vaccines be current for boarding pets. If your pet's vaccines were done elsewhere we will require proof of vaccines for boarding.

Bordetella Vaccination Status
Leptospirosis Vaccination Status
DHPP Vaccination Status
Influenza Bivalent Vaccination Status
Rabies Vaccination Status
Fecal done within 6 months

We require all vaccines be current for boarding pets. If your pet's vaccines were done elsewhere we will require proof of vaccines for boarding.

FVRCP Vaccination Status
Rabies Vaccination Status
Annual Fecal Status

ie: extra walks, treats okay, chicken allergy, etc.


I authorize the following people to pick-up my pet from boarding


The following people may authorize treatment for my pet while they are boarding


By checking each disclaimer below I am acknowledging that I have read, understand, and agree to all terms of boarding my pet with Newport Harbor Animal Hospital.

Checking for Fleas

All pets will be checked for Fleas & other external parasites upon arrival. I understand if fleas or any other external parasites are found, treatment which may include a physical exam (if exam is not current within the year) will be administered at an additional cost to you.


Risks Associated with Boarding My Pet

I understand the risks associated with boarding my pets and assume all responsibility, including financial, for any injury that might occur while my pet is boarding at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital, releasing Newport Harbor Animal Hospital from said responsibility.


Personal Belongings

I understand, that while Newport Harbor Animal Hospital will make every effort not to misplace any personal belongings left with my pet, if any items are misplaced or lost while my pet is boarding that Newport Harbor Animal Hospital is not liable for replacing said items.


Payment In Full

I understand that payment in full is required at drop off (not pick up), whether myself or authorized agent is dropping off my pet.


Bath on Pick-up Day

This applies to both boarders and day boarders.


Medical Attention

In the event my pet becomes ill or requires medical attention while boarding at NHAH and I am not able to be reached after reasonable attempts.

The following disclaimers relate to pets visiting Penelope's Parlor