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Acute Kidney Failure in Cats

Acute kidney failure in cats will create a very sudden illness. This is renal failure that has come on very rapidly. As with humans, acute renal failure will create symptoms that look much like the flu or worse. We have seen cases over the years that had a great response to aggressive treatment. The earlier the owner notices the sudden change and the quicker the response the better. The kidneys are very resilient because they are made up of millions of functional units called nephrons. Our hope is to prevent as much permanent damage as possible.

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Get rid of cat fleas, what can I do?

Cat Flea control has become much easier in the last two decades. Technology has been a friend to all cat and pet owners when it comes to alleviating these nasty parasites. The question you will need to ask is what is the best way to prevent, diagnose and treat cat and or kitten fleas?

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Feline Asthma

Is your cat coughing? One of the most common causes of coughing in kitties is feline asthma. It can also lead to mild to severe problems breathing. In severe cases the cat may be open mouth breathing and struggling with each breath.

What respiratory diseases commonly affect cats?

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Ear Mites in Cats

Is your cat itching his or her ears all the time? Do you see excess black debris in the ears? If you do, this may be a sign of ear mites.

The treatments for ear mites have improved over the years and they are also easy to prevent.

What are ear mites?

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Diarrhea in Cats

Diarrhea is a common and frustrating problem in cats. Short term diarrhea may have very simple causes. Diarrhea of long term duration can be more serious. Our doctors have been dealing with this and other problems for decades. They are here to make your cat's life comfortable and healthy.

The following information should help you to understand more about diarrhea and cats. This will make it easier to make decisions with our doctors regarding the care of your kitty.

What is diarrhea?

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Dental Disease in Cats

Dental disease is one of if not the most common problems we see on exams. Why is this so common? Much of this is due to the lack of home care that we take for granted for ourselves. Without frequent brushing of the teeth, disease processes in the mouth may go unchecked. More importantly, it is rare for an owner to look in their cat's mouth. Cats are great at hiding pain in their mouth. Rarely do they stop eating from mouth pain.

The following information will help you to understand dental disease and dental care in your kitty.

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My Cat is Straining and Urinating in Unusual Places

A straining indoor cat is hard to miss. You will likely see this behavior in the litter pan. In some cats the behavior may occur in unusual places outside the pan. At first glance it may look like nothing is coming out. The amount of urine passed is usually quite small. It is extremely important in male cats to be sure urine is being passed. If not it is a true emergency. The cat is straining due to pain and inflammation in the urinary bladder. If your cat is an outdoor cat this behavior may be difficult to notice. It is a good idea to watch your cat outside to get used to normal behavior.

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Create a happy place indoors for your cat

Cat behavior is not entirely made up of sleeping in the sun. For your indoor cat to be happy and healthy the environment needs to be fun and fill the natural needs for the kitty.

Creating this environment will be fun for you too.

I want to get a cat but I live on a very busy main road so I am thinking of keeping it indoors. Is that cruel?

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