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Red Eyes in My Cat

What do you do if your cat's eyes are red? I know it is tempting to try an over the counter remedy or some drops you have on hand. This can be dangerous because the eyes are so sensitive and if the wrong treatment is used or if treatment is delayed it can be very harmful.

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Red eyes and a common cat virus

We have all heard of Herpes. Cats have their own special Herpes virus. Just as in humans, there is no cure but it can be treated. When Herpes affects your kitty's eyes they will be red, have discharge and there may be pain and squinting caused by ulcers in the cornea.

When the eyes have ulcers it is important to treat until they are cleared.

Although we can't make the virus go away forever, we can reduce the frequency of problems.

What is feline herpesviral conjunctivitis?

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Obesity in Cats, Is My Cat Too Heavy?

Just as with humans cats that are overweight have many increased health risks. Our doctors will discuss these risks and more importantly how we can get your kitty on track to a more healthy weight.

The following information will help you to understand the issues of weight and obesity in cats.

Is feline obesity a problem?

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How Can My Cat Get More Exercise to Lose Weight?

OK, your veterinarian has told you your cat needs to lose weight. You are also told that weight loss is 60% nutrition and 40% exercise.

How do you get your kitty to exercise?

Fortunately, it is not as hard as it sounds.

The following information will help you to change your sedentary cat's lifestyle.

My cat is overweight and I have tried putting him on different diets from the veterinarian but without success-is there anything else I can do to help him lose weight?

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Eye pain in cats is nothing to ignore

Eye pain in cats may be hard to pick up if you don't know what to look for. Most of the time if the eye is causing pain your kitty will wink or squint with the affected eye. There is also likely to be discharge from the eye as well. They may also rub at the eye.

If you know anyone who has a had a corneal ulcer, they can attest to how much it hurts. Let's be sure we don't leave this untreated. It can be very dangerous.

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The Most Common Medical Problems in Cats.

We love our cats here in Orange County. At Newport Harbor Animal Hospital they are as important to us as they are to you. Cats are very good at hiding illnesses from you so you might wonder what the most common medical problems we see in cats at our hospital.

As you read along you will see what occurs most frequently in our feline patients with some important information to help you take care of your kitty. If you would like more details on any of these subjects you can look in our literature section or give us a call.

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Acute Kidney Failure in Cats

Acute kidney failure in cats will create a very sudden illness. This is renal failure that has come on very rapidly. As with humans, acute renal failure will create symptoms that look much like the flu or worse. We have seen cases over the years that had a great response to aggressive treatment. The earlier the owner notices the sudden change and the quicker the response the better. The kidneys are very resilient because they are made up of millions of functional units called nephrons. Our hope is to prevent as much permanent damage as possible.

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Get rid of cat fleas, what can I do?

Cat Flea control has become much easier in the last two decades. Technology has been a friend to all cat and pet owners when it comes to alleviating these nasty parasites. The question you will need to ask is what is the best way to prevent, diagnose and treat cat and or kitten fleas?

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