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Those Darn Fleas, Dog Flea Treatment, Questions and Answers.

Fleas are a common pest here in Southern California. The evolution of flea control has made the prevention of fleas a much more manageable task.

In flea allergic dogs it takes very few fleas to cause an incredible amount of itching.

In the following article you will find answers to some of the most common dog flea questions and concerns:

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My dog is vomiting, what do I do now?

Vomiting has many causes. Because of this, our doctors and staff may need to talk to you about tests to rule out more serious causes. The doctors will be sure to make you part of all decisions. Education is the best way to be sure you are comfortable with these decisions.

The following information will get you started. This way you will understand many of the causes of vomiting and the types of testing we may talk to you about.

What are the causes of vomiting?

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Summertime Pet Hazards

What are fox tails?

Fox tails are small plant awns or seed packets of grass plants.

These spear shaped plant pieces are notorious for getting stuck in ears and between toes of dogs. If these plant pieces get stuck - they often will migrate further into the body like a tiny, horrible torpedo. Fox tails then cause infection and pain. By the time owners notice there is a problem - fox tails are VERY hard to find! So, if you see a field with fox tails - avoid these areas!

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Planning a Feline Breeding

Many variables to consider here...

First: Is the queen/tom capable of breeding?

Have they attained puberty- at least 2.5 kg body weight and exposed to at least 14 hours of light per day, typically 6-9 months in most females; 6-9 months in males, but may be delayed up to 12 months in some individuals, especially if the queen was born early in the year reaching 2.5 kg at a time while daylight hours were long and gradually decreasing rather than queens born later in the year that will reach 2.5 kg when daylight will be increasing.

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Why Is My Dog Shaking His Head?

Everyone sees their dog shake their head from time to time. It is so routine we hardly notice it. What do you do if it becomes very frequent and is accompanied by itching and obvious discomfort? How do you know when it is really a problem? Before we move on, if you have any doubt, please give us a call here at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital.

Chances are that if you are noticing the amount of head shaking there is something wrong. Most of the time this is associated with problems with one or both ears. We will cover the most common sources of problems and discuss their treatment.

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