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Mary Sebzda

Veterinarian, Reproduction Specialist
animal clinic

How I became a veterinarian:

I think it had something to do with my dad saying "that girl's going to be a vet", every time he saw me light up in the presence of a dog, cat, calf, lamb, piglet, tank of fish, etc.

Seriously though, it was probably a combination of influences from both my parents. My father had come from a large farm in western Canada. My mom was a pharmacist in Eastern Canada. The combination of both worlds led to a harmonious blend of science and nature.

By the time, I had made it to college, I had loved two dogs and met others who shared my love of animals and medicine. One of my college professors, told me that there would be a moment that I would be listening to a lecture and it would change the way I would think. The very next day, I started developmental biology and my world changed forever. I not only knew I would become a veterinarian, but I would dedicate my career to the understanding of how we all get from a single cell to the complex beings that we are today.

I love every day of my job. It satisfies the inquisitive scientist in me, but it also nurtures the animal lover. Who could have a better job than myself after planning a breeding, getting to see life begin on a pregnancy exam, deliver a litter of puppies and watch them grow up to fill their new owners lives with so much joy.

Mary has been with Newport Harbor Animal Hospital since 2000.