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Pet Literature and Animal Health Articles provided by NHAH
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Newport Harbor Animal Hospital pet articles and literature
Pet Literature and Animal Health Articles

Search through our local library of informative articles to gain a more thorough understanding of whatever pet health care question you might have.

Find articles on everything from pet behavior, canine and feline health, exotic pet care and more!

We use these very articles to assist our hospital clientele to gain a better understanding of any ailment their pet might be going through so that their pet is receiving the most informed home care possible. Find information on most of the medications we dispense for your pet as well as Multimedia presentations on spaying, neutering and dental care.

Cat Articles Dog Articles
The Most Common Medical Problems in Cats
Dental Disease in Cats
Diarrhea in Cats
Diarrhea Questionnaire and Checklist for Cats
Ear Mites in Cats, What are ear mites? How are ear mites treated?
Get rid of cat fleas, what can I do?
My Cat Has Renal Failure, What Should I Expect?
Acute Kidney Failure in Cats
My Cat Acts Like His Eyes Hurt! Eye pain in cats is nothing to ignore.
Is My Cat Too Heavy? Obesity in Cats
How Can My Cat Get More Exercise to Lose Weight?
Red Eyes in My Cat
Red eyes and a common cat virus
Vomiting in Cats
Wellness in Cats. How Do I Keep My Cat Healthy?
Vaccines for Cats
Why is My Cat Shaking His Head?
My Cat Has Bladder Stones, What Next?
My Cat is Straining and Urinating in Unusual Places
Life Stage Care For Your Cat
How Do I Put These Drops in My Cat's Ears?
How Do I Put These Drops in My Cat's Eyes?
Is Anesthesia Safe for My Cat?
Why is My Cat Itchy?
Why is My Cat Tired All the Time?
Why is My Cat Coughing?
Senior Cat Care: How Do I Care for This Old Kitty?
Brushing Your Cat's Teeth
Chin Acne in Cat
Constipation in Cats
Create a happy place indoors for your cat
Feline Asthma
The Most Common Medical Problems in Dogs.
Vaccines for Dogs
Dog Flea Allgery, Prevention and Treatment.
My Dog is Straining to Urinate, What Should I Do?
Dental Disease in Dogs
Diarrhea Questionnaire and Checklist for Dogs
Diarrhea in Dogs
Does My Dog Have a Cataract?
Dogs Red Eyes
Ear Infections in your dog.
Get rid of dog fleas, what can I do?
Goopy Eyes Caused by Dry Eye - Dogs
What are hot spots in dogs?
Does Your Dog Have Worms? Heartworm and Intestinal Parasites in Dogs.
My Dog is in Kidney Failure, What Should I Expect?
My Dog Has Been Skunked!
My dog is squinting. Corneal Ulcers in Dogs.
My Dog's Eyes Are Hazy
My Dog's Eyes are Running
Pain Management for Dogs
Why Does My Dog Have Itchy, Red Spots on Skin? Bacterial Infections of the Skin.
Is My Dog Too Heavy? Obesity in Dogs
My Dog Has Diarrhea, What Tests Need to Be Done?
Vomiting in Dog
Taking Care of Your Older Dog. Wellness Care and Testing.
Bladder Stones in Dogs
My Dog has been Diagnosed Hypothyroid
What is Addison's Disease?
Common Emergencies in Dogs
Barking In Dogs
Why is my dog scooting?
Arthritis in dogs - why is my dog limping?
Why is My Dog Itchy?
Is Anesthesia Safe for My Dog?
How Do I Get These Drops In My Dog's Eyes?
How Do I Apply Ointments and Creams to My Dog?
How Do I Apply This Ointment To My Dog's Eyes?
What is This Lump on My Dog?
When Do I Vaccinate My Dog?
Boarding My Dog
Dog Fleas
Summer Heat and your Dog
What Is This Bump in My Dog's Eye?
Why Are My Dog's Eyes Inflamed?
My Dog Has a Swollen Ear
Life Stage Care For Your Dog
Degenerative Joint Disease in Dogs
Why Is My Dog Shaking His Head?
Why is my dog having trouble breathing?

General Pet Articles

Breed Information
Summertime Pet Hazards
Holiday Pet Hazards: Easter is around the corner and brings many dangers for dogs and cats!
Why does my pet have bad breath?
My dog is vomiting, what do I do now?
Those Darn Fleas, Dog Flea Treatment, Questions and Answers.
Grief and the Loss of your Pet
Grief in Children with Pet Loss
English Bulldogs
French Bulldogs
Golden Retrievers