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Boarding Sheet


Fill out this form before you come in to drop off your pet for boarding at NHAH and your check-in will be much faster. If you are unsure about anything just leave it blank or feel free to give us call. See you soon! 


  • I understand risk is involved in boarding my pets together. I assume all responsibility including financial for any injury that might occur if they board together. I release Newport Harbor Animal Hospital from any responsibility associated with my request.
  • All reasonable attempts will be made to reach you if your pet becomes ill. Your pet will be treated as a hospital patient which may include exam, diagnostic procedures, and or tests to establish a diagnosis and treatment administered for said illness. I assume all financial responsibility for charges incurred and agree to pay such charges at the time of release of my pet. 


All pets will be checked for Fleas & other external parasites upon arrival. If fleas or any other external parasites are found, treatment which may include a physical exam (if exam not current, within the year) will be administered at an additional cost to you.


We require your pet’s vaccination against contagious diseases be current. Vaccination requirements are aimed at insuring the health and safety of all our patients. If they are not current you must provide proof of vaccinations or we can update them for you if your pet’s exam is current. 


Remember to download and complete the consent form.


General Information

Penelope's Parlore
Feeding and Medication Instructions
List all medications, dosing instructions and when last given. $5.25 a day additional charge for giving medications
During My Pet’s Stay at NHAH
If yes please fill out a drop off form
ie: extra walks, treats okay, chicken allergy, etc.
Please list with as much detail as possible.
Authorized Agents
Boarding Disclaimers