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Dr. Nicole Guastamacchio

Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Nicole Guastamacchio received her B.S. in Mathematics and Applied Science with specialization in Accounting and Management. From there Dr. Nicole attended and recieved her DVM from the University of Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Nicole was drawn to NHAH after seeing the level of commitment to patient care by all our staff. She also enjoys the awesome support team and mentorship she receives from the other amazing doctors.

Dr. Nicole is a lover of all animals, but has two cats at home. Gia, a 3 year old DSH that loves daily supervised outside time on her leash and harness and Leo, also a DSH, she adopted on her last day of Veterinary school and is now 3 months old.

Dr. Nicole loves being outdoors, spending time hiking, riding bicycles, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. Beyond that, she enjoys weight lifting and trying new vegan baking recipes. Dr. Nicole is also recently engaged and hopes to travel with her fiance in the future.