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Beat the Heat Program

Beat the Heat Program

If you have a female dog that comes into heat this program is tailored for your needs!St Bernard dog laying in the snow

Have you found yourself dreading the onset of heat in hour intact female dog - or dog who had an ovary sparing spay? If it is causing you to worry about her confinement, re-arrange your plans or just a big mess --- Newport Harbor Animal Hospital can help!

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Freezing Dog Semen and Newport Harbor Animal Hospital

Dr. Sebzda and Alejandra doing a physical exam on a French Bulldog puppy

A Reason to Freeze Dog Semen

Occasionally clients come in with objectives like wanting to preserve their dog's genetics over time, in case they find a female of superior quality in the future, wanting to ship semen internationally, wanting to have semen available in storage for use at a moment's notice when they otherwise may be showing, training or traveling with the stud dog, etc.

There are some basic advantages to freezing dog semen:

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Dog Deworming

German Shorthaired Pointer

How Worms In Dogs Are Contracted

At Newport Harbor Animal Hospital, we love helping educate our clients about the best detection and prevention methods for worms in dogs, and we pride ourselves on providing our canine patients in and around the Costa Mesa area with the utmost in care and treatment protocols. Due to their outdoor lifestyles and social natures, most dogs will be at risk of contracting worms throughout their lives. Some of the most common ways to contract worms in dogs include:

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Dog Dental Care - Bad Breath, Teeth Cleaning, Dog Dentist

Long haired Chihuahua mix with harnessIt is important to realize that your dog will never tell you when it is experiencing dental pain. All dogs will endure some level of dental disease and dental pain during their lives. The best way to minimize these issues is for your dog is to start out with a great dental health routine at home.

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Puppy Care

Dr. Sebzda performing a physical examination on a French Bulldog puppy

How To Take Care Of A Puppy

One of the greatest joys in life is having a cuddly, cute puppy to have and hold. This is a memorable time for the entire family and everyone can participate in loving and caring for your new puppy. Our staff and veterinarians know what an exciting and special time this is for you and we want to provide you with the best information and health care to get a great start for your new puppy's life. The time you commit to this puppy in the beginning of its life will have a great impact on your relationship for the next 12-15 years.

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