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Catching Up with a Classmate

I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with a classmate from Veterinary school. Mike Petersen is a veterinarian in Madison Wisconsin. I can tell from the time we spent together that he is a great doctor with very diverse interests. I can also tell you that he is a great runner. 

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Odd Jobs in Undergrad

While I was in college I was never without a job. I lived frugally but still had a great time. Because I was in school for eight years I held a number of jobs. Sometimes I changed jobs for more money but most of the time it was just trying to find something that worked with my school schedule. I had some real unusual jobs and to this day when I am hiring a veterinarian I am very curious about their work experience unrelated to veterinary medicine. I think it tells a lot about their work ethic.

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Dr. Nani Ghoshal

Dr. Nani Ghoshal was my anatomy professor during my freshman year of veterinary school. I bring his name up because he retired recently from Iowa State University. We are taught by all of our professors and inspired by some as well. Dr. Ghoshal’s inspiration for me involved his incredible dedication to the students in our profession. It would be hard to talk to a graduate of Iowa State’s veterinary school over the last 45 years and not have them tell a Nani Ghoshal story.

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AAHA Accreditation

We are an AAHA accredited hospital. AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association. Why is accreditation important?

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My First Job in Veterinary Medicine

By the time I had my first job in this wonderful profession I already knew it would be my life’s work. I began working as a kennel attendant at a hospital in upstate New York. I couldn’t believe that I finally had a foot in the door. It also made me realize how little I knew but that was only a challenge, not a disappointment. Some of my current behaviors with animals are very natural now but as I reflect, many were learned at The Aqueduct Animal Hospital. The occasional bite or scratch is your badge of courage in veterinary medicine. I endured my share.

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A Hamster Story

I had a very sad event in my hospital when I was practicing in Northern California in the early 1980’s. A young girl and her mother brought in a hamster. She wanted to have the nails trimmed. As I carried the hamster back to the treatment area to have a technician do the nails the hamster suddenly passed away. She was old and I am sure it was just her time but had no doubt that the trip to the hospital was too much for her. I was devastated and needed to break the news to the little girl. The daughter was still in the exam room and the mother had moved up to the front of the hospital.

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Rick Cooper

Rick Cooper is a good friend. We were classmates in veterinary school and shared four years of the good, the bad and the ugly of being a student. When I think of Rick, I reflect on how we all need to look at people’s strengths and sometimes exhibit a bit of patience. I don’t think Rick would mind if I share a story about him.

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Dr. Anna Worth

I would like to share some thoughts about a good friend of mine and a fellow past president of the American Animal Hospital Association.

Anna learned very shortly after I passed the presidency to her that she had inoperable cancer. I was devastated and will never forget the pain when I heard the news.

We had worked together for years as we progressed through AAHA leadership. It never occurs to you that something could threaten such a bond.

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