Orange County Pet Flea and Intestinal Parasite Control Coupon

Orange County’s Leading Pet Flea and Intestinal Parasite Control service. Offering answers to frequently asked questions regarding cat and dog fleas as well as intestinal parasite health care concerns.

FAQ addressing cat fleas and treatment options.

Where did my cat get fleas? What effect do fleas have on my cat? How can I get rid of fleas on my cat? What products are available to treat my cat? My cat hates being sprayed. What can I do? How can I treat my home for fleas?

FAQ addressing dog fleas and treatment options.

FAQ addressing Dog Flea Allergy, Dog Flea Prevention and Dog Flea Treatment.

FAQ addressing Does Your Dog Have Worms? Heartworm and Intestinal Parasites.

Flea and intestinal parasite control are part of the wellness program we will design specifically for your pet. If you have any questions, the staff of our AAHA accredited hospital is here to help.

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