I was working on an article the other day about dogs getting sprayed by skunks. It reminded me of a summer day as a kid with my dog Adam. Adam as you may recall was a beagle. This means he was neither shy or quiet. We lived out in the country on a dead end street. At the end of the street were woods that we used to roam and play in frequently. Our house was visible from the end of the street. I was shooting baskets in my driveway when I heard Adam baying as only a beagle can. As his voice neared, a skunk came charging out of the woods. Adam was close behind. The two of them ran down the middle of the street and he proceeded to chase the skunk directly into our garage. I ran inside and asked my Dad what to do. He replied, “Let him chase it back out again!” By the time they exited, Adam was thoroughly sprayed and in no mood to go after his prey. 

We bathed him in tomato juice. I would point out that tomato juice doesn’t work. If you call we can give you a recipe for baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. 

I wish I had the recipe back then. Adam spent a few summer nights sleeping under the stars until the smell and the bathing finally stopped.

He wasn’t shy or quiet and probably not a rocket scientist. He was my best pal and now decades later can still bring a smile to my face.

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