Life Stage Care For Your Dog

We are often asked, how old is my pet in human years? The answer to this question helps us to guide your dog's health care. Our own health care is often dictated by the stage of life we are in. We suggest the same for your dog to provide better care throughout their life.

Now you know the age, what stage of life is my dog in? Use the font to determine the stage.

Now that we know the stage of life, how does it affect the care for my dog?


Full physical examination by the doctor twice a year is the cornerstone of the health care for an adult stage dpg. If the doctor finds any problems they will be dealt with specifically. If your dog has to undergo any anesthetic procedure at this age a pre-surgical blood screen will be done prior to the anesthesia


Our senior friends are given twice-yearly examinations and once annually a total body function blood profile and a urinalysis are recommended.


Our geriatric dogs require the most individualized attention based on their health histories. We recommend biannual physical exams and once a year a comprehensive blood panel and urinalysis will be performed.

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