Orange County Cat Clinic and Health Wellness Exams

Ensure your cat will have a long, healthy, and active life with regular physical exams. 

As one of Orange County’s oldest cat clinics we at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital offer wellness testing as a simple and effective way of monitoring your cat’s health. Early detection and correction of medical problems help to extend a cats long and active life.

Common concerns we address as a Leading Orange County Cat Clinic:

Why is my cat shaking his Head?

Ear infections in cats aren’t as common as those in dogs. Having said that, if your cat has one you are likely to see a lot of head shaking and scratching by the ears. We will occasionally see cats that have scratched and made quite a mess of the skin on their head from an ear infection.

How can I tell if my cat has diarrhea?

If your normally well-trained cat suddenly starts having accidents around the house and the stools are unformed to fluid, then diarrhea is obvious. However, if the cat is still using the litter box and covering up its feces or defecates outdoors, you may not initially notice diarrhea. Staining and soiling of the fur around the back end in longhaired breeds is often associated with diarrhea. It is important to remember that some variation in the consistency of stools is occurs in normal cats. Changes in diet can lead to temporary changes in the stool. If frequent liquid or semi-liquid stools persist for more than two days, you should consult your veterinarian. If your cat is showing other signs of illness, do not wait; call your veterinarian immediately.

If you have more than one cat then it is important to try to determine if more than one cat has diarrhea.

Is My Cat Too Heavy?

Just as with humans cats that are overweight have many increased health risks. Our doctors will discuss these risks and more importantly how we can get your kitty on track to a more healthy weight. The following information will help you to understand the issues of weight and obesity in cats.

Why is My Cat Coughing?

Coughing in a cat is a sign you should not ignore. If you hear a cat, the first disease that will come to our doctor’s mind is feline asthma. It is very uncommon to completely cure this condition but we have great success controlling it with treatment. In some cases the cat’s distress will become severe so it is important to see us early.

How serious can cat vomiting be?

Vomiting in cats is a very troublesome issue. Some episodes of vomiting may be very easy to explain and treat. Sadly, not all vomiting is minor and the number of causes and tests can be very confusing. The following information will help you to understand some of the issues we face when a cat vomits.

There is no time like the present to bring your cat’s wellness care up to date.

Our Pet Health Mission

Our mission at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital is: “To provide the highest quality veterinary care for our patients and the best service for our clients. Our goal in every case is a healthy pet and a happy client.”

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