The Most Common Medical Problems in Cats.

We love our cats here in Orange County. At Newport Harbor Animal Hospital they are as important to us as they are to you. Cats are very good at hiding illnesses from you so you might wonder what the most common medical problems we see in cats at our hospital.

As you read along you will see what occurs most frequently in our feline patients with some important information to help you take care of your kitty. If you would like more details on any of these subjects you can look in our literature section or give us a call.

10 Most Common Conditions from VPI Pet Insurance

1. Bladder infection

2. Chronic kidney disease

3. Hyperthyroidism

4. Upset stomach

5. Dental disease

6. Diabetes

7. Diarrhea

8. Ear infection

9. Skin allergies

10. Lymphosarcoma

In our literature section you will find articles on most or all of these topics.

Here in Orange County we see a large number of cats for bladder problems. Infection is a common cause but there are other causes of inflammation of a kitty's bladder. The signs at home will be urinating outside the litter pan, small frequent urination's and straining. You may also see visible blood in the urine. When you visit us with these symptoms we will look at your cat's bladder with ultrasound to look at the structure of the bladder as well as the presence or absence of stones and crystals. We will send a urine sample to the lab for analysis. Depending on your cat's age and the results of the physical exam we may suggest blood work as well. Once we have determined the cause we will work on returning your cat to health and as always, how to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Chronic kidney disease is by far the most common illness in cats here at Newport Harbor. Our doctors and staff will work hard to help you and your cat deal with this problem. The first step involves a good physical exam and tests such as blood work, urinalysis and blood pressure. These tests help us to determine the severity of the condition and the many facets of its treatment. This can be very rewarding as we see the life span and quality of these kitties be extended with such care. The treatment of chronic renal failure is truly a partnership between or doctors, staff and you.

Hyperthyroidism is a disease caused by a benign tumor of the thyroid gland. This tumor produces excess thyroid hormone. This has many adverse effects on your cat's health. Thyroid hormone helps the body to regulate the use of energy by the cells of the body. When there is too much the body's metabolism burns at an unnaturally high rate. This affects the weight, kidneys, liver and heart. There are treatment options which include radioactive iodine, medication and most recently diet. Our Dr. Millian has a cat undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism. The decades of experience treating hyperthyroidism here in Costa Mesa has taught all of our doctors the delicate balance of treating this disease.

Upset stomachs occur for any number of reasons. The question you may have is when to come see us? If your cat vomits one time or if there is a hairball you probably can see how things go or give us a call. If your cat stops eating when there is vomiting, becomes lethargic or vomits multiple times it is important to come in for an exam right away. Cats are also very good at hiding illness so if you notice changes in normal behavior let us know. Our doctors will start with a physical exam and talk to you about any necessary tests if needed. These tests can include blood work, X-rays and ultrasound in some cases. Cats are small and dehydrate easily so we will be sure to address this issue. We will always make your kitty as comfortable as possible while we are working to determine the cause of the vomiting.

Dental Disease:Cats over three years of age are likely to have early stages of periodontal disease. A healthy mouth is critical for their well being and comfort. Here at Newport Harbor we take full mouth dental X-rays on every patient undergoing a dental procedure. In the dental guidelines of the American Animal Hospital Association it is stated that 42% of cats will have disease that can not be seen without X-rays. We can't imagine missing all of these issues that will cause pain and deterioration of the health of your cat. After treatment we will work hard to prevent further problems. Once again, this is a team effort.

Diabetes:Most of us know someone who is diabetic and is managing their illness to allow them to lead a full and healthy life. In our feline diabetic patients we do the same. Needless to say the effort made by the owners of our diabetic cats is greatly appreciated. With our help and the guidance of our highly trained staff we can allow you to become comfortable quickly with the ongoing care of your diabetic friend. This is a disease that can be extremely rewarding to treat for all of us.

As with vomiting, cats also develop diarrhea at times. If you see one soft stool and everything else is normal the first step would be to withhold food for one meal. It is important that water is constantly available when food is withheld. If your cat is lethargic, straining or producing multiple episodes of diarrhea you will not want to wait. Come see us. It is always a good idea to bring a sample of the stool so we can test for parasites.

Ear infections are not nearly as common in cats as they are in dogs. If your cat is shaking his head or scratching around the ear we need to have a look. When infections occur they are very bothersome to your kitty. It is best not to delay treatment. Some cats will shake there head so much they will develop an ear hematoma. This is a swelling in the ear that most frequently will require surgery.

Cats develop skin allergies. These unfortunate cats will groom and scratch often times until they are covered in scabs and have enormous loss of hair. You may wonder why their allergies show up in the skin when humans have the congested upper respiratory signs. This is because the cells of allergy that release irritating substances are concentrated in the skin. These allergies can be caused by inhalant allergies (like hay fever), contact allergies, food allergies and our old nemesis the flea. There are a number of treatments and our doctors will work with you to choose the best program for your cat.

Lymphosarcoma is a type of cancer. This is a cancer of the lymph system in the body. This is their garbage filtering system that is found throughout the body. There are many initial signs that may occur. Weight loss, vomiting and lethargy are very common. If you see any of these signs it is important for our doctors to evaluate your cat and determine the cause.

We love cats here at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital.

As you can see, there are a lot of issues we face with your cats. We are up to the task and excited to help. Our AAHA accredited hospital and staff are always here to answer questions and work as a team with you and your cat. Our goal in every case is a healthy pet and a happy client.

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