Pet Periodontal Disease: Grade 4

Your pet has been diagnosed with Grade 4 Periodontal Disease (POD)

Periodontal disease is a progressive bacterial infection of the teeth roots and bony structures that cradle the teeth.

  • Infection eats away the bone and causes teeth to loosen and eventually fall out
  • The mouth becomes a dangerous source of infection as the bacteria spread through the blood to the internal organs.

Grade 4 POD is defined as:

  • Infection has eaten away the gums and bone, leaving the tooth root exposed
  • Severe tooth and bone pain
  • Irreversible damage may require extraction of the tooth and antibiotics to eliminate infection and pain in the jaw bone

Treatment Recommendations:


  • Prevents anxiety or pain and allows access to the teeth for treatment
  • The risk with anesthesia is very small compared to the significant risk of infection and internal organ damage that occurs with untreated dental disease.


  • To check for bone loss and cracking

Dental Cleaning and Antibiotics

  • removes the built up tartar which is causing the infection
  • clears the infection from the gums & bone
  • infection will re-occur and require repeat dental cleanings

Polish the teeth

  • Prevents pitting of the tooth enamel and helps prevent buildup of plaque and tarter.
  • Follow up home care can significantly lengthen the amount of time between dental cleanings

Pet Home care options include:

  • Teeth brushing (video on our website)
  • CET dental chews
  • t/d food
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