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Common Medical Problems in Dogs

At Newport Harbor Animal Hospital your pets are as important to us as they are to you. Frequently our doctors and staff are asked what are the most common medical problems we see in dogs, so we decided to put together a list of 10 common medical problems we see in Dogs.

10 Most Common Conditions from VPI Pet Insurance

1. Ear Infections

2. Skin Allergies

3. Skin Infection

4. Non-cancerous skin growths

5. Upset stomach

6. Diarrhea

7. Arthritis

8. Bladder infection

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Marley Had a Hotspot

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed Marley licking at her right thigh frequently. When I took a look, she had developed a hotspot. A hotspot is a moist bacterial infection of the skin. If a dog has long hair (Marley’s is medium length) a hotspot may be difficult for an owner to see unless they part the hair. If you notice your dog licking or scratching at one area continually, be sure to look closely at the skin.

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Marley Was Crying All The Time

A few months ago, I noticed that my dog Marley was tearing from her right eye. It had made a stain below the inside corner of the eye. Her eye was not red and she didn’t seem bothered by it at all.

I suspected that her tear duct may have been blocked. We applied a fluorescein stain to the eye and failed to see any evidence that the tears were draining through her tear duct into her nasal cavity.

Marley was due for her annual dental cleaning. While she was under anesthesia for the cleaning, we flushed the tear duct.

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I was working on an article the other day about dogs getting sprayed by skunks. It reminded me of a summer day as a kid with my dog Adam. Adam as you may recall was a beagle. This means he was neither shy or quiet. We lived out in the country on a dead end street. At the end of the street were woods that we used to roam and play in frequently. Our house was visible from the end of the street. I was shooting baskets in my driveway when I heard Adam baying as only a beagle can. As his voice neared, a skunk came charging out of the woods. Adam was close behind.

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Seniors and Their Pets

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the tremendous benefit of a pet for a senior citizen. I have seen this personally in my own family as well as countless times in my hospital.

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