Pet Spay and Neuter Services

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Pet Spay and Neuter Services
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Newport Harbor Animal Hospital - Orange County Pet Spay and Neuter Services
Pet Spay and Neuter Services

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Spaying is a common procedure. A byproduct of this is it can be difficult to remember this is a major surgical procedure. Any woman who has undergone an Ovariohysterectomy will attest to this fact. At Newport Harbor Animal Hospital we treat this surgery and your dog or cat with all the care and concern you have come to expect.

Before Surgery

Before surgery your pet will have a complete exam. We want to be sure we know of any medical issues prior to the anesthesia. This complete exam will also let us know if anything else might be needed at the time of surgery. An example of this would be retained baby teeth that should be extracted.

We will do pre-anesthetic lab work. This gives us important information about the internal organ function, clotting and status of the blood cells. This would be like lifting the hood to look at the engine.

Our doctors will develop plans for anesthesia, pain control, fluid therapy and emergencies prior to the surgery. This enables our entire team to be prepared to give the utmost care for your loved one before, during and after the surgery.

Our technicians will place an IV catheter and start fluids prior to the surgery. We will administer pain control medication as well. Research has shown that treating pain before it happens is more effective and can even reduce the amount of medication needed. IV fluids maintain hydration and blood pressure. This helps your pet to feel better in recovery and adds safety to protect the internal organs during the surgery.

The doctor's plan will include pre-anesthetic medications that will relax your pet and lessen the doses of other anesthetic medications.

During Surgery

Our doctors are experienced and confident in surgery. They will put this expertise to great use. Did you know our technicians will also play a vital role during surgery? They will use their skill and our monitoring equipment to assure the safety of the anesthesia. We will monitor blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen levels and EKG continually.

We are also passionate about keeping your pet's temperature comfortable during and after the surgery. This helps with safety but also your pet's comfort.

If indicated, additional pain medication will be given during surgery.

During surgery our doctors will apply their skill to reduce the trauma of major abdominal surgery. As they finish the surgery our staff begins to prepare for the post-surgical care.


After surgery, additional pain medication will be administered. Our concern for your pet's warmth continues at this time. Our staff will monitor all vital signs including temperature until full recovery from the anesthesia. We have equipment that maintains the body temperature. It is incredible what this does to help with the recovery and comfort during this period.

You will go home with pain medication and instructions for the recovery period. This is designed specifically for your pet.

As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) hospital we meet or exceed rigorous standards to ensure the quality of surgical care for your pet. Our staff is excited to help you in any way possible. If you have any questions, be sure to ask.