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Newport Harbor Animal Hospital Pet Laser Therapy
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What is Therapeutic Laser treatment?

Newport Harbor Animal Hospital has made a commitment to improving the lives of our companion dogs and cats. One way we are doing this is through therapeutic laser treatment. This treatment allows our Doctors and staff to:

  1. Relieve Pain
    1. Acute pain from wounds or surgery incisions
    2. Chronic pain from arthritis
  2. Reduce swelling and inflammation
  3. Speeds healing
  4. Improves circulation
  5. Reduces formation of scar tissue by promoting normal tissue regrowth
  6. Improves nerve function
  7. Stimulates immune regulation

How does laser therapy work?

At the most basic level – the infrared light stimulates cells to dilate blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

What can be treated with laser?

Virtually every part of the body on a dog and cat may be treated with laser therapy with a couple exceptions: the eyes must be avoided and areas that may contain cancer. Fetuses should also be avoided with laser therapy so let us know if your dog or cat may be pregnant.

How long does laser treatment take?

Laser therapy averages 3 to 5 minutes per location of treatment. So for our big dogs with hip and knee problems treatment may take up to 20 minutes.

How quickly will I see a change with laser treatment?

You may see an improvement after just one treatment but more likely after 3 to 4 treatments in chronic conditions.

How often will my pet get treated with laser therapy?

Treatments are tailored to your pet's specific conditions. Arthritis conditions may be treated three times a week initially until we see a response then once a week to every other week depending on your pet's needs. Wound conditions may benefit from a one-time treatment or daily treatment for 3 consecutive days.

What are the side effects of therapeutic laser?

There are no known side effects and this treatment is FDA approved.

Call or stop by to learn more about this exciting new modality to help your pet!

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