Pet Flea and Intestinal Parasite Control

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Pet Flea and Intestinal Parasite Control
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Newport Harbor Animal Hospital - Pet Flea and Intestinal Parasite Control Services
Pet Flea and Intestinal Parasite Control

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Parasites are a fact of life in Southern California. Your dogs and cats are exposed to a wonderful climate. Unfortunately, this climate is very conducive to the life of parasites.

When we talk parasites, fleas are always number one on the list. These creatures are resilient. Fleas are blood drinking parasites and create a number of health problems for your dog and cat. We won't go over the life cycle here but because of the stages living off your pet it is important for our doctors and staff to design a flea control program tailored to your pet's life style. New technology gives us options we haven't had in the past. As a part of every exam, our doctors will check for evidence of fleas.

Ticks are another blood drinking parasite. Exposure to ticks is much more dependent on your pet's life style and where they visit. Tick control is greatly benefited by newer medications. If your pet has a tick, please contact us. We will either talk to you about how to remove it or have you come in. Our staff is always happy to help.

Intestinal parasites are most frequently undetected by the human eye. This is why regular fecal examinations are important. We send our stool samples to our outside laboratory where they run a centrifugation test. This is very sensitive and less likely to miss parasites.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is a human health organization in Atlanta. They feel very strongly that pets should be strategically dewormed to prevent parasitism in humans. We agree. Strategic deworming means that pets are dewormed periodically to avoid the possibility of harboring parasites. Roundworms and Hookworms both have human health significance. Most frequently in dogs we will use monthly heartworm preventatives which also cover these intestinal parasites. We will often combine deworming with the flea control product Revolution in your cat. This is especially important if children are around your pet. They are much more susceptible.

Flea and intestinal parasite control are part of the wellness program we will design specifically for your pet. If you have any questions, the staff of our AAHA accredited hospital is here to help.