When We Provide Care to Kittens & Cats They Become a Part of Our Family Too.

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Newport Harbor Animal Hospital
When We Provide Care to Kittens & Cats They Become a Part of Our Family Too.

We love cats and we know you do too! When you and your feline friend visit Newport Harbor Animal Hospital we can make the trip less stressful. First of all, when you enter our animal hospital we have two nice quiet areas located in our side hallways where you can wait comfortably. When you enter the exam rooms they are very quiet and that is a must for your kitty.

We will show you and your cat patience during the exam and you are more than welcome to help. Imagine having a large character coming at you with a thermometer! We will go slowly and be as soothing as possible during the exam. We always use the least amount of restraint possible. Sometimes you will think the doctor is just petting your friend when in fact there is a thorough exam going on.

The point of knowing more about the cat care we provide at our animal hospital for your cat is so you can feel comfortable giving the feline medical care they so desperately need. All too often cats will hide the fact that they are not feeling well. This serves them well as a protective mechanism in the wild but only delays critical care for your cat in your home. Your cat's health may be at rick if you notice any behavioral changes such as not showing up for a meal, sleeping more and moving away from your touch it can be a sign of feline illness. Is the water consumption increased or decreased? Do you notice less or more urine in the litter pan? Is the litter pan being used? All of these behavioral changes are important because they may signify a feline illness. As with humans, the earlier problems are detected the more treatable they are. A large percentage of cats will have periodontal disease and mouth pain by the time they are three years of age. Cats however, will very likely continue to eat in spite of the pain. Regular examinations are the only way to detect cat ailments like this before serious permanent damage occurs.

We may want to talk to you about enriching your environment for your cat. We all know that indoor cats tend to live longer here in Southern California. We want that life to be a happy one as well. Providing your cat with an active environment will also help with weight control which can help to prevent diseases like diabetes.

Please see our associated article on enriching the home environment for your cat.

Providing an Enriched Environment for Your Indoor Cat

Give us a call if you have any questions about your cat's health and good feline habits and we hope to see you soon.