Poodles in Orange County

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Poodles in Orange County
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Poodles and Newport Harbor Animal Hospital

Standard Poodles are great and whenever one enters the doors here at NHAH, we all smile. Here in Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas of Orange County you will see this people pleasing breed out and about.

Dr. Carpenter had a memorable experience with a poodle a few years ago. Jake was an affable Standard Poodle who loved his dad, Jim. Jim brought Jake in to be examined for smoke inhalation. To Dr. Carpenter's delight, Jake was fine. His story was even more rewarding. The night before, Jim had been smoking while watching TV in bed. He fell asleep with a burning ash and a fire started. Jake hopped up in a panic and woke Jim up to get him out of the house. Both Jim and Jake survived without injury. The same can not be said for the bed!

A Poodle is a perfect fit for their family as many members of their extended family are allergic to dogs. Poodle's tight, wiry topcoat and minimal undercoat serves to limit their shedding in the environment, and minimizes allergic reactions in people. Poodles also love the water.

The information that follows will be interesting and a great resource for you and your Poodle

Poodle Origin

Originating in Europe, the German term "pudel" translates to "splash in the water". Poodles were used by hunters early in the 15th Century to sniff out truffles underground and retrieve waterfowl and small game.

Their classic "Poodle cut" aided these athletes in inclement weather. Areas of hair growing over the chest, head, joints, and internal organs were kept longer to insulate and protect against the cold waters. The hair on the face was tied back to keep long strands out of the eyes while swimming.

Today there are several different variations of the classic Poodle cut depending on the animals' activity level and job... the possible variations are endless. However, house pets don't need to be groomed in a frou-frou way and will still look regal.

Poodle Personality

The public persona of Poodles is a noble and intelligent creature, with an air of royalty. In Dr. Carpenter's experience, a more accurate description would be boisterous and always willing to please! Poodles are great family dogs who love to stay with the group and dislike solitude. They are well behaved with other dogs and children, but can become too hyperactive if not well trained.

Most Poodles strive to please their owners and are very eager to learn. Diligent training and practice routines will help human parents expand their Poodles repertoire. Investigative tricks, agility tools and copious praise can help your Poodle race to the head of the class!

Standard Poodles require a regular schedule of activities and walks. However, they will adapt to an apartment setting well provided they are exercised adequately and have enough to keep their active minds busy.

Poodle Physical Characteristics

Standard Poodles are about 15 inches or more in height with females being smaller than males. They have deep chests and a straight top line. Typical weights range from 45 - 65 pounds, although larger males are more common these days.

While many have a lovely deep black coat, there are many variations of colors, including white, brown, apricot, cream and gray. Black and brown Poodles tend to become prematurely gray while apricot Poodles maintain their color longer.

Health, Beauty and Grooming your Poodle

Poodles have long and thick coats which require frequent grooming. An average Poodle is groomed every 6-8 weeks, depending on coat length. Thankfully, the need for owner combing and brushing between haircuts is minimal.


Allergies are common with Standard Poodles, who generally have sensitive skin. These can involve environmental allergies, food allergies or a combination of both. Use of a special diet as recommended by your veterinarian at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital or allergy testing and treatment may be necessary to keep allergic Poodles comfortable.

Ear infections

Poodles have long ears with quite a bit of hair inside! When moisture and warmth are trapped in the ear it can predispose to ear infections. Allergies can also contribute to this common Poodle ailment. Clean and check the ears frequently for signs of redness, odor or discharge. Some Poodles benefit from the groomer plucking the ear hair, although others react poorly to this and the ear canal can become inflamed, which can exacerbate infections! Always seek veterinary care if you suspect your Poodle has an ear infection.


Poodles, perhaps more than other dogs, require regular teeth cleaning and dental care. A typical age for a Poodles first cleaning is around three years of age; however this will vary between individual animals and is partially dependent on diet. Dr. Carpenter recommends proactive attention to dental health with teeth brushing, chews, supplements and regular teeth cleaning to keep serious dental disease at bay.


Poodles are also prone to gastric bloat, a condition where the stomach undergoes a torsion or twist, fills and becomes overstretched with air or ingesta. The exact cause of bloat is unknown; however, breeds such as Poodles with large barrel chests seem to have a predisposition. Feeding smaller meals more frequently may help decrease the risk of bloat in dogs of all breeds. Additionally, restricting large amounts of water and food immediately after intense exercise may also be of benefit.

Newport Harbor Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing Orange County, California the best possible care for you and your Poodle! If you have any question, please don't hesitate to call and speak with one of our excellent staff members!

Our Pet Health Mission

Our mission at Newport Harbor Animal Hospital is: "To provide the highest quality veterinary care for our patients and the best service for our clients. Our goal in every case is a healthy pet and a happy client."